I Am Saving Pennies

Big Day of Giving 2018

“When my youngest son started high school, my identity as a ‘Stay at Home Mom’ took a shift. I was no longer needed to chaperone field trips or run the school book fair. When I sat down and thought about what I wanted to do, it came to me in a flash: ‘I want to help feed hungry children in Africa!’ But I quickly realized that what I really wanted was to go visit Africa, and also feed hungry children; the two were not necessarily connected. I knew there were plenty of hungry children right here in Yolo County. I could start by feeding them…

“My favorite part of volunteering with the Food Bank happens every Tuesday morning. I am the lead volunteer at a distribution that happens at the Woodland Senior Center. Every week I see many of the same volunteers and clients. We chat. We talk about how we prepare food. And I get to see Juan and his mother Maria.* Juan is only three but he loves fresh fruits and vegetables; his mother brings him every week to help get food for their family. He has rapidly become a firm favorite with everyone there. All the volunteers vie to get the first smile and rush to hand him an extra carrot or apple. And I feel warm inside as I see Maria and Juan walking away together with a full bag of groceries, knowing that at least one mother in Woodland is going to feed her children tonight.

“I am saving my pennies. I’ll get to Africa one day. But for now, volunteering for the food bank is enough.”

Made By Ania Mieszkowksa​ Date 5.1.2018 Role Volunteer
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