Healthy Eating

Big Day of Giving 2018

“When I first joined the Food Bank, I attended a Kids Farmers Market event at a local elementary school to better understand the many ways the Food Bank works and the different members of our community it serves.

“Tables had been set up with boxes of fresh vegetables, and select students had been assigned to assist their peers with ‘purchasing’ the food using play money. My job was to survey the students’ appreciation for leafy vegetables, and I had no idea what to expect.

“Each little student shopper made their way to the produce tables that day, and I asked each one whether they ate the lettuce in their salads or sandwiches. The verdict? Yes! Over 90% of the students ate their leafy vegetables! When we think of kids and veggies, we often imagine battles of will against parents, but here was well over 100 students telling me they not only eat their vegetables, but they could even name their favorites.

“You and I benefit when our children can do their very best and grow up to be healthy, contributing citizens. My thanks to all the Yolo County parents and teachers for imparting the wisdom of eating vegetables, and to the Yolo Food Bank for making healthy eating possible for so many children who otherwise would go without.”

Made By Lorna Carriveau Date 5.1.2018 Role H.R. Advisor
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