The Far Reaching Impact

Big Day of Giving 2018

“One day a few months ago I received a phone call from a former food bank client who wanted to remain anonymous. She called because she wanted to say ‘Thank you!’

“Over 20 years ago she was in a difficult situation, she needed food, especially formula for her baby. She came to the food bank for help. A man from the warehouse gave her some formula and other food, then looking at the baby said that she would probably need more than just a can or two and went back to the warehouse. He came back with enough to last for several weeks. She said she felt so grateful and she never forgot that experience!

“But she also never wanted to be in that situation again. Over time, through hard work and education, she was able to improve her situation. Eventually, she went on to earn a 6-figure income. Now, she donates regularly to the food bank as a way to give back. And that baby has become a happy and healthy young man who has just enrolled in a graduate program, who loves to give back and volunteers in the community in various ways. She frequently remembers the kindness of the man in the warehouse and the help she got from the food bank in her hour of need.

“This sweet experience reminds me that although we do not often get to see such an amazing example of the far reaching impact of what we do everyday, we are indeed engaged in work that can change lives as we help our neighbors in need.”

Made By Valerie Dennis Date 5.1.2018 Role Administration Manager
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