Please support urgent pandemic response with a gift to the Yolo Food Bank COVID-19 Relief Fund – Phase II and sustain good nutrition and healthy outcomes in our community as this unprecedented crisis continues.

COVID-19 danger is rising again in Yolo County, and URGENT food assistance relief is needed.  Your support for our most vulnerable neighbors is needed now…here’s why:

  • Demand tripled in 2020 and has not diminished.
  • Yolo Food Bank relies primarily upon private donors like — YOU — to cover the $500,000 required monthly to ensure this elevated service.
  • Pre-pandemic inequities in the food system and continued public health disruption are intensifying and exacerbating nutritional needs in Yolo County again this fall.

More than 60,000 Yolo County residents already rely upon Yolo Food Bank each month for some or all of their daily nourishment, and tens of thousands more struggle to meet their basic needs. Please don’t let them down at this time of continued crisis! They are grateful — and so are we — for your meaningful gift today.

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