Become a Partner Organization

My partnership experience with Yolo Food Bank has been terrific. It has provided much needed goods and services for my residents, who have expressed a lot of appreciation. I am always able to find healthy food options, pantry staples as well as basic goods when I come.

Kylie French, Mercy Housing

Become a Partner Organization

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Partner Organization of the Yolo Food Bank!

Hunger is a year-round issue in our community. With help from our Partner Organization network, Yolo Food Bank is able to effectively respond to hunger challenges facing Yolo County. We are looking for new partners to meet the needs of Yolo County residents. Below are the requirements needed to partner with Yolo Food Bank.

Partner Organization Requirements

Yolo Food Bank Partner Organizations must meet the following requirements for participation:

  • Have a letter from the IRS certifying their 501(c)(3) non-profit status under the federal tax code
  • Have a list of the board of directors or governing group
  • Have a brochure or handout about the services provided
  • Complete a site visit from the Agency Relations Coordinator to monitor food storage and distribution area
  • Have a signed Parter Organization Agreement and Product Distribution Agreement
  • Have at least one person (volunteer or staff) with a certified food handler’s card
  • Be located and serve residents in Yolo County

Food purchases are to be paid upon receipt and will require validation of current Partner Organization status.

monthly report is required and due by the 5th of each month. The completion of the Monthly Food Provider Summary allows Yolo Food Bank to provide necessary reports for grants and distribution of food in Yolo county.

Organizations who are applying for partnerships and are faith-based, must also complete the Religious Organizations Qualifier Form along with the organization packet below.

Partner Organization Packet

Partner Organization Application Process

  1. Contact our Agency Relations Coordinator, Zane Hatfield, at or (530) 668-0690 ext. 109 to let us know about your interest in partnering with Yolo Food Bank.
  2. Submit a completed application packet including:
    • A signed Partner Organization Agreement
    • A copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) letter
    • A copy of at least one Food Handler’s Card
    • A handout or brochure listing services provided
    • A list of your Board of Directors or Governing Group
  3. Complete a successful site visit at your organization. The Agency Relations Manager will visit your site to see your program, facilities, and review food safety policies.
  4. Applications will be reviewed by the Agency Relations Coordinator and the Executive Director. 

For any questions about becoming a partner organization with the Yolo Food Bank, please contact our Agency Relations Coordinator, Zane Hatfield, at or (530) 668-0690 ext. 123.

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