Your gift will “Nurture Yolo”, by increasing food and nutrition security and advancing the development of an equitable, sustainable local food system for the health and wellness of
ALL Yolo County residents.

Yolo Food Bank is more than 90% funded by private philanthropy – every donation is meaningful and deeply necessary to nourish the tens of thousands of struggling families and individuals that Yolo Food Bank supports each month.
Despite being known for an abundant agricultural economy, food security is an everyday concern for many Yolo County residents. An alarming 60% of our food recipients state they obtain more than half of their weekly groceries from our “Eat Well Yolo” food distributions, and 1 in 5 say they receive nearly all or all of their weekly groceries from Yolo Food Bank.
With your support, we can continue to nourish families, children, students, seniors, unhoused individuals, and now another vulnerable population: essential food system workers. Let’s cook up a food system that is OF, BY and FOR ALL.
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