Yolo Food Bank Releases Findings From the Yolo County Food Access Survey 


Featured Image Caption: Speakers at Yolo Food Bank’s ‘State of Food Insecurity Event’. From left to right: Yolo County Board of Supervisor Chair, Lucas Frerichs; Mayor of Woodland and Woodland Food Closet Executive Director, Tania Garcia-Cadena; Health And Human Services Agency’s Service Centers Branch Director, Dr. Tico Zendejas; Managing Partner at Valley Vision, Trish Kelly.

Yolo Food Bank is thrilled to announce the release of our “Yolo County Food Access Survey Report,” which was unveiled today at our “State of Food Insecurity in Yolo County” event. A culmination of two years of diligent effort this represents a significant milestone for both our organization and the state of California at large. This groundbreaking report is derived from the first population-based, food bank-led survey in California, aimed at providing an in-depth analysis of food insecurity within Yolo County.

The survey was prepared by YFB and administered by the Institute of Social Research (ISR) at Sacramento State University. YFB also incorporated feedback from Valley Vision and the Yolo Food Security Coalition. A representative sample was reached as 3,829 residents were recruited through address-based sampling and 149 through convenience sampling. This comprehensive study is a major stepping stone in our understanding of who is food insecure, and who we are and aren’t reaching in Yolo County.

The survey findings are illuminating and highlight current pressing challenges. An estimated 29% of households in Yolo County are facing food insecurity, a figure that exceeds both state and national benchmarks.

Below are some of the key findings as it relates to those who identified as being food insecure:

Speakers at Yolo Food Bank’s ‘State of Food Insecurity Event’. From left to right: Yolo Food Bank Director of Development and Communications, Maria Segoviano; Nugget Market CEO, Greg Hill; Sutter Health Director of Community Health, Kelly Brenk; California Association of Food Banks CEO Stacia Hill Levenfeld.
  • 40% of households in Yolo County with children are food insecure
  • 20% of households in Yolo County with seniors are food insecure
  • 53% of households in Yolo County working in the agricultural industry are food insecure
  • Black and Latino households note the highest rate of food insecurity among race and ethnicity demographics
  • Residents living in the unincorporated areas of Yolo County and the City of Winters (combined) report the highest levels of food insecurity at 35.4% than any other city in the county

We invite you to view the additional findings measuring the use of the charitable food system, and utilization of CalFresh in Yolo County. To view the full survey report, click here

Attendees at State of Food Insecurity Event at Yolo Food Bank in Woodland, CA

Despite considerable progress over the years, the report vividly illustrates that significant gaps still persist. It is our hope that the insights provided will serve as a catalyst for a collective effort, inspiring policymakers, community organizations, and residents alike to collaborate towards ensuring that all residents of Yolo County have access to the nutritious food necessary for leading healthy, productive lives.

To view the full methodology for the report click here

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