Unveiling Yolo Food Bank’s Impact Report

Front Cover of Yolo Food Bank Impact Report 2022-2023. A woman and her two children smile, standing in front of a Yolo Food Bank delivery truck.

We are profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and partnership from our donors of time, funds, and food – all of you make what we do at Yolo Food Bank possible! In recognition of this invaluable support, we are excited to announce the release of our first Yolo Food Bank Impact Report in five years. This report provides insights into our fiscal year 2022-2023 accomplishments, illustrating the significant impact we are making together in our community.

In spite of Yolo County having the highest poverty rate in California, as a community, we are stepping up to tackle food insecurity. Together, we are truly making a difference! Here’s a peak at some of our highlights:

Food Assistance Footprint

Without question, what matters most is addressing the food and nutrition needs of Yolo County. Last year, we had the privilege of serving more than 22,000 households each month and distributing over 10 million pounds of food. These numbers represent more than mere statistics. Behind them are stories of families nourished, lives transformed, and a community united in compassion and support. 

A volunteer for Yolo Food Bank stands in a field, smiling and holding up a crate of tomatoes he harvested.Donors of Time

Our volunteers are the backbone of our operation, enabling us to reach so many in need. Last year, we were supported by over 1,800 volunteers, whose efforts amounted to 1.1 million dollars in donated time. This incredible contribution further shows that what we have at Yolo Food Bank is a community coming together to take care of their neighbors in need. In recognition of their invaluable role, we hosted a wonderful Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony and our first-ever Volunteer Town Hall. We also implemented a new software system to enhance our volunteers’ experience and foster stronger engagement.

Donors of Funds

We are immensely grateful to all of our financial donors; your kindness truly shows the generosity of Yolo County. The trust you place in us to fulfill our mission is a humbling responsibility that we take very seriously. Committed to using your contributions efficiently and effectively, we are proud to report that 91% of our expenses were directly allocated to programs, operational costs, and food distribution efforts. 

Donors of Food

Unlike most food banks, which purchase the majority of their food, Yolo Food Bank stands out as one of the few in Northern California primarily relying on food recovery. Remarkably, 87% of our food last year was donated, representing our dependence on the generosity of farms and grocery stores in Yolo County. However, in this post-pandemic era, we are seeing federal support wane and grocery stores establishing tighter inventory controls causing an overall decline in food donations. The decrease in supply coupled with an increase in demand has caused Yolo Food Bank to increase the amount of food purchased in order to meet the need in the community.

New Initiatives

Pop-Up Food Distributions:

A Yolo Food Bank employee hands off boxes of food to a farmworker in his vehicle. These pop-up food distributions allow us to reach underserved communities and provide culturally appropriate food to diverse populations. Primarily serving latino farmworker populations, we are breaking down barriers to food access by meeting people where they’re at. Food is intimate; therefore, our approach intentionally prioritizes culturally appropriate food. This approach allows us to provide a sense of comfort and familiarity to our recipients through food, thereby fostering greater sensitivity and inclusivity.

Disaster Relief:

In response to the atmospheric rivers that struck Yolo County in January 2023, PG&E activated Yolo Food Bank to assist vulnerable community members that were left without power. With the assistance of our partner agencies, we distributed 2,625 Disaster Relief Grocery Cards to purchase replacement and emergency food. This effort underscored our readiness and solidarity as a community in times of crisis.

A large group of students stand smiling with their Yolo Food Bank totes full of food.Student Farmers Market:

In 2023, this program was expanded to include high schools, notably our inaugural event at River City High School in West Sacramento. These markets create a fun and interactive environment, aimed to reduce the stigma associated with food insecurity and normalize access to free, local food to families. As we continue to serve preschools and elementary schools, we look forward to expanding to more high schools this year. 

Looking Ahead with Renewed Commitment

As we release this impact report, we reflect on our collective achievements with gratitude and look forward to a future of continued collaboration and success. We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone by checking out our full impact report and continuing to support our mission to reduce food insecurity in Yolo County. 

Click this link to access the Yolo Food Bank Impact Report 2022-2023.


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